Day 9: Chicken Cashew Soup for the Caveman’s Soul

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Recipes, Uncategorized, Whole30
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Continuing down the road of comfort food, today seems like a great day for a big bowl of chicken soup. Lately my freezer has become the catch-all of food on death row. Currently it is so full that the thought of putting one more item in sends me into a Tetris induced coma. Luckily, tonight’s dinner is almost completely from the freezer. See, I am a budget shopper and stocker. I love the idea of having my fridge full of all things delicious, but cost often out weights desire. So when the local grocer has natural whole chickens on sale for 78 cents a pound, I can go a little overboard. A girl can’t argue at that price! A couple chickens and I have enough pieces for 4-6 meals and 4 quarts of stock!

What’s for Dinner:

Chicken Cashew Soup

Serves 4, ~1 Hour











What you need:

2 lbs Chicken (I went with a breast and a couple thighs I had stashed in the freezer)

3 Shallots (chopped)

4 Cloves Garlic (minced)

3 Carrots (chopped)

1 cup Sweet Potato (chopped)

3/4 cup Cashew or Almond Butter

1 package Frozen Spinach (fresh would be lovely here, but use what you have! Thawed and squeezed.)

6 cups Chicken Stock (liberated from the deep freeze)

1 Tbls Coconut Oil

Pepper and Salt

1/2 tsp Nutmeg

Cashews (chopped for garnish)

How to do it:

A dutch oven is the ideal vessel for this, but a large heavy bottom pot will work just fine. Start by adding your oil and getting the pot hot over med heat. Season up your bird with a little pepper and salt and put it skin side down in the pan. Let this brown up (don’t move it!) for a couple of minutes on each side. Now add your shallots, and garlic. Saute your duo until the shallots just begin to turn translucent and you can smell all the shallot. Pour about a cup of stock in and deglaze your pan, making sure to scape up all those tasty brown bits. Add the rest of the stock and bring to a simmer, turn down to med/low and let it all cook covered until the chicken is done (about 20 minutes). Once your chicken is done (it will be falling off the bone) remove it from the pot and add your sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach and cashew/almond butter. Cut up the chicken into bite size pieces and return to the soup, season with nutmeg and salt/pepper to taste. Simmer for another 10-15 minutes. Once your potatoes are soft, you’re ready to eat. I find the longer I let this go on the stove, the tastier it becomes. Garnish with a few chopped cashews and Enjoy!

  1. Karen says:

    This sounds like a delicious and warming dish.

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