Day 6: onramp 3=quick dinner

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Recipes, Uncategorized, Whole30, WOD
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I hate being late. I mean, I really REALLY hate being late. If I am not 10 minutes early, I feel like I might as well have not shown up at all. Living in Seattle, being late is part of the life style. This is something my midwest disposition will just never adjust to. See, the problem lies in the perceived simplicity of my commute. Work is 15 miles from home, home is 8 miles from the gym. So even after leaving work an hour before class started, I still found myself walking into my 5pm onramp #3 about 5 minutes late. (I think they named it I5 because it is in fact the average speed of most drivers.) Ok, with that said, tonight was onramp #3 and day 2 of the crossfit gym. The really great thing about sitting in traffic for an hour is, it gives you the motivation to workout just that much harder!

WOD: onramp #3










1 lap full gasser


KB fundamentals


WOD: 10 minutes 


250 mtr run

15 kb swings 26#

10 kb sumo high pull 26#

Results: 2 and a run, not my best work by a long shot. However, I am rather proud of the boyfriend who pulled out 5 rounds and probably would have kept going if given the chance.

What’s for Diner:

Grilled Chicken Salad (BAS)

Serves 2, 15 minutes 

Since the day had turned into a battle against the clock, tonight’s dinner needed to be something quick and easy. (Aka: The Big Ass Salad)  Every week I prep a number of veggies for use later. Lettuce, onion, green peppers (you get the idea)…this way, on nights I am crunched for time, or just don’t feel like cutting up anything, I can just grab and throw it in the pan. It also makes it easier in the mornings. Crack a couple eggs and add what you want=omelet/scramble joy.












What you need: 

2 pieces of chicken. (I went with a breast for the boyfriend and leg/thigh for myself.)

Seasoning of choice (I make a big batch of cajun and sprinkle that on, but anything would work)



Green Peppers



Tomato (Trader Joe’s has these great little heirloom tomatoes that add a nice variety)

Oil and vinegar of choice

How it’s done:

Get your grill hot and season up your bird. Toss it on and cook till 170F inside. Mean while, cut up your veg (or if you’re a prepoholic like me, just get it on the plate).

Once the chicken is cooked, let it rest for a few minutes before cutting it up. This gives the juices a chance to settle down and keeps the meat moist. Top your salad with chicken and drizzle on oil and vinegar. Enjoy!



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