Day 1: I <3 Buffaloes

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Recipes, Uncategorized, Whole30, WOD
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Well, I think a little back story is in order.

About a year ago, I told myself that I refused to enter my thirties weighing over 200#s. I knew that big changes had to be made, and for the most part, I was ready to try anything to get results. At the time, I was eating a primarily vegetarian diet with a few fish thrown in here and there. Lots of carbs, lots of alcohol, and way to much processed soy meat products. Let’s just say I was fast tracking my way to type II diabetes. I was depressed, out of shape, not sleeping, constant anxiety and had no energy.

For about a year I started working out at home with Jillian dvds, riding my bike trainer (there was a time that I raced competitively and was actually in shape!) and tracking EVERY SINGLE CALORIE I put in my mouth. I’m really not kidding about the every single cal either. If I brushed my teeth and used mouth wash, that went on my tracker. To say it was time consuming was an understatement. I replaced all of the things I wanted to change in my life with mountain climbing and nutrition. It became an obsession and It worked to a degree. I lost 30#s, found my ankles and suddenly had a chin. The only problem was it stopped working. I still looked soft and my day was centered around counting and weighting food. When it took me more time to measure and track the food than it did to eat it, I knew something had to give.

So here I am a year later, and 9 months until I am 30 still not where I want to be. Only this time I found Paleo and crossfit! This is the start of the journey. Lifting heavy things and eating zebra.  I’ve been doing the paleo about 90% for around a month now. The obsession with General Tso’s Chicken has been tamed (damn you Tso and your tasty tasty chicken)  and we began the Whole30, as of today, to really dive into it. So on to day 1!

Day 1: (Please bare with me on the terms, and how it should be written out, I’m still learning.)

WOD: On Ramp 2- 11:27, catching my breath- 20:34 🙂

Warm up: Jump Rope, Cindy (3 rounds: 5 pull-ups (ring rows), 10 push-ups, 15 squats)

Swod: Learn how to lift the stick, pull push jerk

Cwod: CF open wod 2!! (5 rounds) 10 step ups #20 (went down to 10#), 5 press ups, and 1/2 gasser.

Dinner: Buffalo burger

2 Buffalo patties

1/2 Avocado




I ❤ Buffalo

  1. Good for you. You will be amazed at what a difference the Whole30 makes in not only your body but also your mind and emotions. We are starting our second Whole30 of the year today. You can find all my meal plans and daily journal at

    Good luck on your journey!!!

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